[MPlayer-users] Playing DAB MP2 files

Paul Webster paul at spidersweb.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 19:47:38 CEST 2004

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> > Il mer, 2004-09-01 alle 23:21, Paul Webster ha scritto:
> > > First time user ... I have just been experimenting with trying to play
> some
> > > audio files captured direct from DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast).
> <snip>
> > just add -rawaudio on:format=0x50
> Great - just tried and it works fine. Thanks a lot.
> Now off to work out how to do it under XBMC.
 .. later ..
Looks like XBMC (Xbox Media Center) simply launches Mplayer on the file and
assume that auto-detection will resolve it all. In this case that does not
So - I will put a suggestion into the XBMC community that maybe they could
provide a way to pass preset commands based on file type being requested by
user (Music,Video,Picture) and file extension.
i.e. in my case I would set audio MP2 to always require -rawaudio

However, another way of doing this would be for Mplayer to have an even more
powerful autodetection method - but on the assumption that it would be
either too hard or imprecise to do or might add unacceptable delays at the
start of some files then ...
how about if the codec.conf file could be enhanced so that these (or any)
additional parameters could be passed in.
Right now there is a fixed list of options in the .conf file and the
rawaudio (and I presume rawvideo) apply some defaults that can be overridden
by command line. If those defaults could first be overridden by the .conf
file then it would be a valid alternate solution to my problem I think.

Any thoughts from any coders?


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