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Well the command I used that works is

Mplayer * mf://* -fps 0.1 -shuffle

But the problem with the above command is as Giacomo says " it plays the
movies first then the jpegs " even if I have -shuffle enabled.

The other problem with this is the fact that I can't update what is
currently being played, like adding new clips or jpegs etc

If possible is there a way to tell mplayer what to do with jpg and jpeg
files in the config or something cause all that has to be done then is that
I can play mplayer with a -playlist command and everything is 100%

Currently if I have a list of jpg and avi in a playlist , mplayer plays the
playlist including the jpg's but the when it comes to the jpg's nothing is
shown, its either really quick or just doesn't know how to play it (hence
the mf://*)

Gicomo for scripting purposes, I am basically looking for a way to play a
collection of multimedia files in a directory randomly and continuously, I
would also need to change the files that are being played, new additions etc

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On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 02:07:09PM +0200, g0tcha wrote:
> Hi
> What I would like to do is play a bunch of files (jpeg, jpg, mpeg, avi) in
> directory called /media, I would like to do this using mplayer but the
> problem with running the command 
> [root at testbed media]#mplayer * 
> is that it only plays the clips and not the jpegs and if I run the command
> [root at testbed media]#mplayer mf://* -fps 0.1
> It plays the pics but not the clips.
> I basically need to play all formats of media in the /media directory, 
> but also bare in mind that I will need to remove and add clips on weekly
> basis, and I found if you do a command " mplayer -loop 0 * " on a
> and remove any file from that directory and add a new clip, mplayer
> obviously doesn't play the removed clip but it doesn't also play the added
> NEW addition to the directory.

This is because the list of files to play is generated at the time the
command is executed. In order to see later added files, you have to execute
the mplayer command again.

> Scripting something would propably help , as the playlist option doesn't
> allow the playing of jpegs.
> Any help scripts pointing in the right direction would be greatly
> appreciated. :-)
> regards

I have not tested this but it should work:

mplayer *.avi *.mpeg  mf://*.jpg -fps 0.1 mf://*.jpeg -fps 0.1
(not sure if you must repeat -fps)

Put the media files with the correct extentions before the mf:// command.
This will play first the movie and then the jpegs.

Scripting is also simple. Just be a little bit more specific about
what you need and I can provide you with a simple script.


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