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Torinthiel torinthiel at megapolis.pl
Thu Sep 2 15:56:01 CEST 2004

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 02:07:09PM +0200, g0tcha wrote:
> I basically need to play all formats of media in the /media directory, 
> but also bare in mind that I will need to remove and add clips on weekly
> basis, and I found if you do a command " mplayer -loop 0 * " on a directory
> and remove any file from that directory and add a new clip, mplayer
> obviously doesn't play the removed clip but it doesn't also play the added
> NEW addition to the directory.

It can't. * is expanded by shell before starting mplayer. So it doesn't
know there are new files.

Ok, I don't know if this will be suitable, but try putting every file
you want into a playlist file (1 file per line, name doesn't matter),
but the JPEGs (and other still images) have to go with mf://*.jpg
Then call

mkfifo control

and finally

mplayer <whatever options you need> -playlist <filename> -input file=control

giving no file names on the command line.
Now, MPlayer starts playing the files. It won't react to playlist change
though, it has read it once. But you can type 
echo "loadlist <filename>" > control. This will pass the string to the
created fifo and make MPlayer reload the list.
So you can i.e. regenerate playlist with script

echo 'mf://*.jpg' > playlist
for f in *.avi; do echo $f >> playlist; done

This has three drawbacks. First, all jpeg files are played at once. No
possibility that it will play say two of then, then a movie then another
3 pictures.
Second, reloading playlist interrupts playing.
Third, no known to me way of passing options specific to mf, other then
global on the command line. To *.avi, you can normally put options in
*.avi.conf file.

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