[MPlayer-users] Seeking in MP4 files

Jürg Lehni juerg at scratchdisk.com
Thu Sep 2 15:46:45 CEST 2004

i'm on a headless unix, so i cannot play normally right now... i could 
try with the aa lib though...

i tried -idx with no luck


Am 02.09.2004 um 12:43 schrieb Torinthiel:

> On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 12:04:10PM +0200, Jürg Lehni wrote:
>> They don't seem to be seekable. Is this just a problem with the way
>> I've built mplayer, or is this a general problem? I've tried to find
>> something about this on the web but information about MP4 in mplayer 
>> is
>> very rare.
> Are they seekable when you play them normally?
> In no try -idx.
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