[MPlayer-users] mplayerpre4 and pre5 - avisplit

Pablo Morales pablo.morales at abitab.com.uy
Wed Sep 1 18:26:40 CEST 2004

Hi there guys.

Sometime ago  I posted a problem I'm having with release 4 and 5.
The problem is that files encoded witn pre4 and pre5, when I split them with
avifile, I cannot, I can split the first chunk, then, the second chunk stops
230 MB aprox, I do not know if it's an avifile bug or mencoder bug, I'd like
to know if som of the developers couls take a look at it.
Avifile gives no error, nor even mplayer, I tried to split it using mplayes
as well, with the same results, and with other utilities, like split  for

I'm stuck with pre3.


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