[MPlayer-users] Bug: Audio stream numbering in GUI menu

p5zna5z02 at stud.hials.no p5zna5z02 at stud.hials.no
Wed Sep 1 00:34:48 CEST 2004

There is an off-by-one error with the numbering of the audio tracks in the 
right-click menu in the GUI - streams are numbered from 0, while the menu 
counts from 1 and doesn't adjust the numbers.

Example: playing an .ogm file with 2 audio streams, selecting "Track 1" makes 
it use the second stream, while selecting "Track 2" makes it play no audio at 
all(as there is no stream 2, only 0 and 1).
I would think this should be easy to fix, just add a " - 1" in the appropriate 
place... But I'll admit to not really having looked at the source, so I don't 
know where this would be, or if it indeed is this simple.

Intending to check if the same happened with matroska(.mkv) files, I opened 
one that has two audio streams... and found that the "Audio track" submenu 
wasn't even present, so I couldn't select anything. This is another bug I 
guess... or maybe just a wishlist item I suppose, I dunno.

Another wishlist item would be (for both ogm and mkv) to have a submenu to 
select subtitle streams too.

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