[MPlayer-users] VHS(huffyuv) to divx(libavcodec)

Javier Lopez alcachi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 09:36:02 CEST 2004

Hi to all mplayer users,

I have serveral large .avi files I captured using Virtualdub and
huffyuv codec from VHS tapes. Now I am trying to encode them to divx
using my favourite program (mencoder of course ;-)
First I found that the videos where cut at around 10 minutes (,when
reading at around 2GB) this was solved using the option -forceidx or
-loadidx. This was fine with videos of  less than around 4GB. But now
I want to encode files of around 16 GB and mencoder stops at around
30-40 minutes. I have no idea what can be the reason or how to solve

I would like to ask your advice about how to solve the problem.

Thank you very much,

Javier Lopez

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