[MPlayer-users] playme.pl

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Nov 9 19:53:03 CET 2004

Currently the "play" button on my remote runs this script:

carl at LinuxBook1 .mplayer $ cat lirc.play.sh
ln -s /mnt/auto/cdrom/* /home/carl/playme/
ls /home/carl/playme/>/home/carl/playme/playlist.pl
startx -e screen mplayer -playlist /home/carl/playme/playlist.pl

Which is fine for the most part, but sometimes there are 'extra' files 
on the cd that give mplayer heartburn.

So I was thinking of adding a file to all my (new) CD's that would be 
the playlist, and then if that file is found, use it instead of creating 
a new one.

So the point of all this: Is there already a standard name/format for 
such a file?

Carl K

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