[MPlayer-users] Greek subtitles

Konstantinos Georgokitsos kgeorgokitsos at nomioan.gr
Wed Nov 3 07:08:30 CET 2004

Dear list,

I am trying to get my Greek subtitles (.srt file) to work. Initially the 
coding was iso-8859-7 (or cp1253). That showed only strange characters. I 
then iconv-ed the file to utf-8 and with option -utf8 I now see blank 
underlines. I have the feeling that the standard font used in both cases by 
mplayer is at fault. 
I did not find in the options a way to set the font. Can somebody suggest 

System is SUSE 9.1 with mplayer 1.0pre5-3.3.3

BTW, in the end I want to use mencoder to include the subtitles in the video 
itself. Any hints there?


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