[MPlayer-users] Matroshka and russian external subtitles bug ?

Alex Koh mplayer at npi.tpu.ru
Sat Jan 31 11:15:11 CET 2004

Hello, mplayer-users.

When viewing a movie in .mkv format with the external russian subtitles, in
subtitles displayed only english letters. When viewing other formats all OK.
Russian font installed.

Expect that russian letters are lost when processing by the function iconv or 
similar, but disabling iconv nothing does not give.

Matroshka video file contain:
1 track video. 
2 track audio (language eng)
3 track video (language jap)
4 track subtitles eng (UTF8)

+ Russian subtitles in external .srt file. 

mplayer options: mplayer -aid 1

                 mailto:koh at npi.tpu.ru

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