[MPlayer-users] PCM disabled after playing AC3 sound Videos with mplayer and hwac3 option on SB Live

Jörg Spilker js at jetsys.de
Sat Jan 31 06:31:41 CET 2004


i´ve some strange problem and i don´t know if it´s alsa or mplayer related. 
Sometimes i´m playing videos with ac3 sound on my pc with mplayer (MPlayer 
0.92-3.3). I´m using the hwac3 option, because i´ve attached an external 
decoder box to my SB Live card. Everything is just fine but after playing the 
video, the normal pcm sound is completely disabled. I checked with alsamixer 
but could see nothing. PCM was not muted and on full volume. The only way to 
get PCM sound back is stopping alsa, removing asound.state and restarting 
alsa. Is there any other fix for the problem?

Greetings, Jörg

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