[MPlayer-users] A-V getting out of sync on external audio stream

krasnal krasnal at 2-0.pl
Fri Jan 30 15:20:36 CET 2004


I've been looking for an answer for quite time but it seems that
I'm not able to ask the right question.  So here it is in more
human readable form.

I've got dvd which I encoded with success into mpeg4 and the
main sound track is in sync with the video.  But additionally I
wanted to have english version of the sound (this is Disney movie
and I wanted to encourage my little daughter to learn english that
way :)).  So I dumped the stream from dvd (-ao pcm) encoded it with
lame (lame -h) and when I try to play it (with -audiofile option of
mplayer) the a/v gradually gets out of sync (at the beginning of the
movie there is 0 delay and at the end - after about an hour - it gets
up to 3s so it is really unacceptable).  I've also ripped the english
subtitles and ocr'ed it to srt subtitle format and as far as I can
tell (it's not that easy for me to figure out what they say by watching
their mouth :)) subtitles are in sync with the video but the sound gets
delayed.  Is it a known problem?  Does anyone has a solution for it?
I'd appreciate your help.
                                  Best regards
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