[MPlayer-users] MPlayer -delay option in loop mode, and MEncoder -audio-delay

Stefan Lange hoirkman at gmx.de
Fri Jan 30 10:20:22 CET 2004

Fred wrote:
> Hi,
> MPlayer -delay option:
> In my MPlayer 0.90pre5, I want to delay the video by adding "-delay 2" option.
> At the first loop soon after MPlayer launches , the audio starts before 
> the video, but, from the 2nd loop onwards, the video and audio starts 
> together without delay.
> What I want is to delay the video *every loop*.  Do anybody know how to solve
> this?
> I've tried 0.90pre5, 0.92 and 1.0pre3 but no luck.

you could use this as a workaround:

while true ; do mplayer -delay 2 yourfile ; done

> MEncoder -audio-delay option (trimming audio):
> Actually, it would be great if mencoder can cut off the beginning part my
> sound file by this option when I try to attach this file to my movie,
> but it seems that this function is not supported now.
> Is there any plan to add this function in the next release?
> (Should I ask this question in this mailing list?)
> As a last resort, I may have to write a program to do the job...
> Is there other command/software on linux by which I can cut off the beginning 
> part of my sound file (wave file, at least)?

sound editors like snd or others should be able to do this, or you could 
try dd

> Thank you for your time.
> Fred.
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