[MPlayer-users] Re: Compile problem i latest CVS for solaris9_x86 (fixed)

Alex Beregszaszi alex at fsn.hu
Thu Jan 29 09:43:41 CET 2004


> The latest loader/wrapper.h patch fixed one problem and another popped 
> instead in loader/module.c which i have a patch for see attached 
> "patch_loader_module".

> There is also two other patches one for libdha/Makefile to honor the 
> INSTALL variable and also fix for dynamic linking with sun_ld.
> The other is  for vidix/drivers/Makefile also fix for INSTALL variable
> and also fix for linking with sun ld. They should not break anything.
Not applied, it should be discussed on the -dev-eng list.

You send good patches, subscribe to -dev-eng and send them there, as now 
you've had luck, but I'm not really watching this list (you could also 
read DOCS/patches.txt to avoid confusions).

Subsrcibe and post the install/shlib patches there (and maybe your 
future patches).


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