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Wieslaw Kierbedz WieslawKierbedz at farba.eu.org
Thu Jan 29 02:43:34 CET 2004

Użytkownik hightechsoul napisał:

>I have the Audigy 2 Plat using the oss drivers. My sound only seems to
>work in mplayer and does not work with anything else, like xmms. Might
>my sound problems be related to volume management (gnome) using the
>device /dev/sound/mixer instead of /dev/mixer which oss uses? if so, how
>do I get gnome to use /dev/mixer
First - with new question always start new thread.
rm /dev/sound/mixer && ln -s /dev/mixer /dev/sound/mixer
My gnome (2.4) uses /dev/mixer (and always have been).
Check /dev/dsp too.

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