Maybe a BUG ? Re: [MPlayer-users] Best way to play HDTV MPEG2 TS streams with MPlayer?

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at
Wed Jan 28 04:44:32 CET 2004

MrBlue wrote:
>   Hi,
> i found some really nice clips too. 720p . Space shuttle Start. My
> screen is big enough (22") CPU-load was 70%... but playback was really
> buggy. Sound always ended after 20 seconds. Playback sometimes worked,
> sometimes not.
> But i am i nice guy so here you go:
> (please don´t post this ftp to too many peoples...)

For what it's worth, this list is publicly archived in a few different
places, so obscurity may not be an option...

> try the files with the .mpg ending. My download speed was very
> nice(170kb/s).

I can play abc.mpg just fine, except that I only get audio in the right
channel. I suspect the file just has a silent left channel, as
andrews_18.mpg has normal stereo. I haven't checked the others.

For both files, mplayer complains:
"size restrictions for MP at ML or MPEG1 exceeded! (1280x720)"
Several times per second, but doesn't hesitate to play the video anyway.
I tried playing them with X running at 1280x1024, and then in fullscreen
at 1600x1200. No problems with the video anywhere.

I have an AthlonXP 2200 and a GeForce4 Ti4200-8x.


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