[MPlayer-users] can't get vidix to compile properly

nico berndt nico.berndt at gmx.de
Tue Jan 27 22:32:33 CET 2004


maybe i really missed an essential part of the docs, but i can't get a
vidix-driver for my radeon card to compile. i managed to once but meanwhile
i am using a rather old version of mplayer and i can't upgrade due to my

is there any special switch i have to throw while configuring/compiling? as
i understood my card should be auto-detected and the vidix-driver should be

i want to use vidix under vesa, worked best for me so far..
when i compile and run, it fails to detect "working vidix driver".

so here is the relevant part of a plain ./configure on my system, wich is
arealdy using vidix:

Enabled optional drivers:
    Input: ftp network tv-v4l2 tv-v4l edl tv mpdvdkit2 vcd smb
    Codecs: flac(internal) xvid libavcodec libvorbis gif
    Audio output: esd oss sdl mpegpes(file)
    Video output: xvidix cvidix sdl vesa gif89a jpeg png mpegpes(file) fbdev
opengl dga xv x11 xover tga
  Disabled optional drivers:
    Input: tv-bsdbt848 live.com matroska cdda dvdread
    Codecs: qtx opendivx libdv real xanim dshow/dmo win32 faad2 libtheora
    Audio output: sgi sun alsa arts dxr2 nas win32 macosx
    Video output: winvidix bl zr zr2 dxr3 dxr2 directx svga aa ggi xmga mga
 directfb tdfx_vid tdfxfb 3dfx


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