[MPlayer-users] Muxing avi with 2 audio tracks

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Tue Jan 27 17:24:06 CET 2004

I want to create avi with 2 AC3 tracks. I created avi with first track
using mencoder and have second track as separate file:

[mosgalin at washi media]$ file rusaudio.ac3 
rusaudio.ac3: ATSC A/52 aka AC-3 aka Dolby Digital stream, 48 kHz,,
complete main (CM) 2 front/0 rear, LFE on,, 192 kbit/s Dolby Surround

The size of the avi is 1970637272 (1.835G), size this additional track
is 161035776 (0.149G), packing it into avi should increase its size
somewhat, but resulting avi should be under 2G anyway and there should
be no problems with index - am I right? I don't want to split it into
multiple files.

I know only one tool that creates avi with multiple audio channels,
avimerge from transcode (0.6.12). I run it as follows

avimerge -i temp2.avi -o temp2_.avi -p rusaudio.ac3

The resulting file has 2 audio tracks, right. But the index is broken: I
can't seek further then 1:46 (complete length is 1:52). The resulting
filesize is under 2G (but very close to it). And I can't fix it with
mencoder, since it will drop second audio stream.. I need either some
program to fix index in this avi while keeping the second stream, either
some other way to create such avi using something different from



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