[MPlayer-users] Re: Free audio codec for .AVI files ?

Pezezin pezezin64 at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 26 19:10:35 CET 2004

El Lunes, 26 de Enero de 2004 16:19, D Richard Felker III escribió:
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 06:41:20PM +1100, Joe Neeman wrote:
> > > i am wondering if there is a free audio codec for .AVI files like ogg.
> >
> > instead of avi, use matroska. It supports ogg in audio streams as well as
> > a bunch of other stuff that avi doesn't
> Don't use matroska. It's a horrible ugly bloated design, with lots of
> flaws. Read the archives or wait for me to publish the big document on
> why matroska sucks.
> Rich

Then, what should we use? I don't like the way Matroska is designed, I think 
is very complex and bloated, but it is much better than AVI. I know Nut will 
be so wonderful... but I can't use it now. IMHO, the best *available* 
container is Matroska.

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