[MPlayer-users] getting rid of 'blue screen'

dave giffin givdav01 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 23:43:57 CET 2004

When mplayer first pops up on my screen, there is a
blue flash and when I move the video window around on
my screen, part of the window is blue, until mplayer
updates it.

I think that the blue screen is mplayer's default
surface and that the video is rendered over it (at
least with the xv video output). 

How can I change this screen from being blue to black?
Where would I look in the mplayer source?

I'm just interested in the 'xv' video output (if that
helps). I'm using mplayer1.0pre3 on an athlon-xp with
debian sarge, xfree86-4.3.0 and linux-2.4.22.

I don't meen to complain. I like mplayer. I think its
the best video playback program there is. I just need
help with this small problem.

Thanx :)

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