[MPlayer-users] problem with vob subtitles on mplayer 1.0-pre3 - part 2

Jean-Yves Simon lethalwp at tiscali.be
Fri Jan 23 19:57:04 CET 2004


I have found a problem with mplayer 1.0-pre3 running on an intel p3
fedora core1, 2.6.0 kernel, gcc version 3.3.2 20031022 (Red Hat Linux

On the 294 subtitle lines, 3 or 4 aren't read, i have only noticed this
with this dvd (all the anime episodes on it), the problem happens on the
vobs AND on the vobsubs.
When i tried xine with the vobs, it did read the "hidden" lines.

I've played with mplayer -v, it prints an output when a subtitle is
read, but it is simply not shown on the screen.

When looking to the .idx file, it seems there's a bogus? subline before
one that isn't read. or maybe it takes too much time to be printed?
for instance:
timestamp: 00:12:05:006, filepos: 00006e000 shown
timestamp: 00:12:07:606, filepos: 00006e800 shown
timestamp: 00:12:12:806, filepos: 00006f800 not shown (bogus?)
timestamp: 00:12:13:326, filepos: 000070000 not shown
timestamp: 00:12:18:526, filepos: 000070800 shown

is sub at 0:12:12 empty and/or bogus and/or taking too much time to
then sub at 0:12:13 isn't shown, which is actually one that should be.

Another example from file -04: (when playing -ss 0:3:0)
timestamp: 00:03:06:286, filepos: 00000f800  shown
timestamp: 00:03:19:286, filepos: 000010000  shown
timestamp: 00:03:22:406, filepos: 000010800  NOT shown
timestamp: 00:03:26:046, filepos: 000011000  NOT shown
timestamp: 00:03:30:206, filepos: 000012000  NOT shown
timestamp: 00:03:33:326, filepos: 000012800  NOT shown
timestamp: 00:03:39:566, filepos: 000013000  NOT shown
timestamp: 00:03:42:686, filepos: 000013800  shown
timestamp: 00:03:46:846, filepos: 000014800  shown with 2 seconds

a 350KBytes vobsub file can be found on:

another one:
(where the subs have problems at sub number 21, at ~00:03:15, there are
about 6 or 7 sentences missing in less than 3 minutes)

one episode is approx 1,3GB, but since there are lots of subtitle
problems in the 4 first minutes, i could upload ~250MB, that should be
enough to see the problem on the vob

here is how to trigger the problem:
mplayer someavi.avi -vobsub trigun-02-fr -ss 0:12:01

you should read the lines:
Bon, je vais faire un tour.

Autant se mettre au boulot
de garde du corps tout de suite.


Comme si je l'espio...

Je ne vois pas pourquoi vous dites ca.

missing line (when extracted vobsub to pnm files, frame number 151),
should read:

J'ai conseille a Marrianne
de bien tirer ses rideaux.

Jean-Yves Simon <lethalwp at tiscali.be>

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