[MPlayer-users] twopass.stats file wrong, maybe a bug ?

MrBlue mrblue at comingman.de
Fri Jan 23 17:46:47 CET 2004


for testing purposes i tried to encode 2 different .vob files to Xvid
with mp3 audio. The first does fine, reducing the size from 55 to 14 MB
at 1500.
However the second one only compresses from 88 to 66 MB wich is the same
size as in the first pass. 
I was able to find the problem: while the first pass mencoder makes a
file called "xvid-twopass.stats". IT grows and grows..if i look inside
WHILE the pass, there a plenty of lines with numbers. But when the 1
pass is done, the content of the file is the following:

# XviD 2pass stat file (core version 1.0.-126)
# Please do not modify this file

i 2 1620 0 0 4504 4504

And that´s it !

so if anybody could please point me in the right direction ..


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