[MPlayer-users] Feature request: AAC and HE-AAC in rm and matroska

Stefan Gürtler Stefan.guertler at stud.tum.de
Thu Jan 22 22:44:28 CET 2004

Hi to all mplayer users and developers.

The Helix Producer 10 Beta can encode audio streams to AAC and HE-AAC using
two encoder dlls from Coding Technologies. The audio streams can be packed
into Real's own container rm or into matroska container using the mkvwriter
An overview over all Real10 products can be found here:

A set of audio-only example files are available:
I can upload files that contain both video and HE-AAC audio in rm and mkv
container, if those are needed. Though i only have stereo and no 5.1
surround tracks muxed into them.

Garbes has already updated his win32 DirectShow filter RealMediaSplitter to
support the two new audio codices.
Though there is a small bug, the amount of audio samples passed per frames
is somewhat too low.
It uses either Real's / Coding Technologies own decoder to decode audio
(raac.dll), or the decoding of the audio stream can be done by 3ivx's
DirectShow audio decoder or CoreAAC (http://coreaac.corecodec.org/) which
itself is based on faad2. Utilizing the faad2 library to decode the audio
should be possible for mplayer, too.

Is this enough information to add support of this thrilling new feature of
RealMedia to mplayer? I am really not into programming, so i cannot do it
myself, but if any of the developers could find some time to implement it, i
would be very grateful.

Stefan Gürtler
stefan.guertler at stud.tum.de

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