[MPlayer-users] Small bug with SAMI files with Start-START

Zurd zurd3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 10:35:56 CET 2004

The .smi file is a subtitle file that can be use by mplayer where in the tag <SYNC> you have to
provide the argument "Start".

I came across an smi file where the tag was "START", in uppercase, and that was the reason why
mplayer didn't want to load that sub file.

I would hope that this small bug can be fix so that nobody else will waste a few hours trying to
understand why doesn't mplayer want to load this sub file ;-)

You can easily test this, provided you already have a video file with a sub file :
1. mplayer -sub -dumpsami file.sub file.avi
2. Replace every Start by START in the dumpsub.smi
3. mplayer -sub dumpsub.smi file.avi <-- This won't load the sub file

Distro   : Gentoo
Kernel   : Linux 2.4.20-gentoo-r5
libc     : libc-2.3.2.so
GCC      : 3.2.3
GNU      : GNU ld version 20030820
binutils : 20030820

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