[MPlayer-users] Re: 3-pass encodes with ogg vorbis?

Tobias Diedrich ranma at gmx.at
Wed Jan 21 10:07:07 CET 2004

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 06:09:20PM +0000, Goran Hane wrote:
> > Just a thought, but why don't use normalize for audio-normalization, just
> > run normalize audiodump.wav after the audio is extracted and then oggenc
> > it?
> NEVER blindly normalize audio. It will hurt quality severely if your
> samples frequently go near +-32767, since frequency-space codecs
> cannot reliably reproduce these values without clipping. If your

normalize does not maximise the audio volume, but rather adjusts the RMS
volume to a defined level. In most cases normalize decreases the volume.
And I use it exactly because of that when I grab a CD[1] and make mp3s/oggs
from it, so that it does not clip on decoding.

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