[MPlayer-users] AVI big audio sync difference. (AVI / DivX / AC3)

seth caver at verizon.net
Tue Jan 20 22:34:37 CET 2004

hello.  i wrote a similar message previously, but it was right before the
mail list issues and i'm thinking it got missed (no one answered).  i'm
positive that this has been discussed previously, but i've searched for a
couple days now and can find no answers.  i'm sure i can't be the only one
with these issues as i only started using mplayer (and linux) a month or so

i'm starting to get a collection of AVIs that will play fine in windows
(media player) but have major a/v sync issues with mplayer (or xine for that
matter).  the common thread amoung them is that they are all, all the ones
i've examined somehwhat, DivX video and AC3 audio.  the audio is _way_ off,
like minutes off.  as soon as the video starts the audio is already into the
movie by a good amount, like many seconds if not minutes.  the only thing
i've been able to find on the net are suggestions of 'bps=yes', 'nobps=yes',
'mc=0', and 'ni=yes' which i have tried in various combinations to no avail.
i've tried other commands, like 'autosync=30', 'avi_sync=yes', 'channels=2',
and various other switches, but so far the audio sync is still way off.
i've tried OSS and ALSA (1.0) audio to no avail.  i'm beating myself up
about this and i'm sure a simple command line/config file switch is all i
need since it plays in M$ just fine.

i'm not sure if it happens with all DivX / AC3 AVIs, it definatly doesn't
happen to all DivX AVIs.  i did try once to sync up the a/v by using the
audio_delay command and i spent a good 45 minutes going back and forth
trying to get it to line up.  once or twice i got it within a few seconds
(not miliseconds, full seconds) but as soon as i would skip around in the
video it would be way off again.

my mplayer verison is pretty recent...
MPlayer 1.0pre3-3.3.2 (C) 2000-2003 MPlayer Team

i'll post config files and output if that will help.  thanks.

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