[MPlayer-users] 3-pass encodes with ogg vorbis?

* afe0108 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 08:57:20 CET 2004

--- Goran Hane <ghane at algonet.se> wrote:
> And for the bitrate calculation you can write a simple shell-script that
> does it for you, I have one that greps the output from oggenc to get the
> length of the clip, and then subtracts the ogg-audio file size from a
> specified target size to calculate the video-size to get the bitrate...
> /Göran
Hi Göran, could you mail that to me?  I have my own approximation
using the output from transcode:

size left for video = 719330 - [audio size]

video bitrate = 0.99*(size left for video)*(bitrate from transcode)
/(size predicted by transcode)

But it would be interesting to check yours out as well (maybe it's
more accurate).  Thanks.

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