[MPlayer-users] mencoder and hardware players

Shane Wegner shane-keyword-mplayer.0cbddd-keyword-mplayer.0cbddd at cm.nu
Tue Jan 20 08:22:42 CET 2004


I am looking at purchasing a hardware DVD player and
noticed that many will play divx.  One in particular I am
looking at below will play mpeg4 or so it says.

Does anyone know if there are any compatability issues with
mencoder encoded avis using libavcodec.  Will a hardware
type player support the aspect ratio which mencoder puts
into the avi.  Would any special mencoder options like
keyint be necessary to get proper hardware playback.

Also, what type of container format would these things
generally expect for an mpeg/4 stream.  Would it be a m4v
or would .avi be sufficient?

Best regards,

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