[MPlayer-users] mplayer

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Mon Jan 19 18:33:40 CET 2004

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Kazuto Asai wrote:

KA>>Replace ldconfig to /sbin/ldconfig in configure and re-run it, or
KA>>directly in Makefile or config.mak. Or type 'PATH=$PATH:/sbin' before
KA>>running 'make install'.
KA>Thank you so much for your advice. 
KA>I added /sbin to the PATH, then the situation is improved and Error 
KA>does not come in 'make install'. 
KA>I recompiled from configure and run, however, the result is 
KA>almost the same, the program stops at the beginning with a blank window open. 
KA>The message is as follows. 
KA>Is there something to add to the PATH? 
KA>I am using the PATH as it is (default) except this added /sbin. 

Ah, that. It's completely different problem, and it's in the FAQ. You
don't need PATH or anything. gmplayer reads from terminal, so you have
to run "gmplayer" without & or use "gmplayer < /dev/null &".



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