[MPlayer-users] vobsub -> microdvd

PAT lando at starwars.pl
Sun Jan 18 17:34:37 CET 2004

Użytkownik Ivan Imperl napisał:
> Nedavno PAT piše:
> | > I agree, but there is another simple way. You can use -vobsubid
> | > option during "mencoding' dvd and have nice dvd-style vobsub format
> | > subtitles, that can be playable even by micro$oft 'windows media
> | > player'. Greetings, PAT
> | > 
> | My mistake, it's off course '-vobsubout' option.
> | RTFM ;)
> | PAT
> I did that, and now I have film.idx and film.sub files. I just want to
> convert them to microdvd subtitle format.
OK, I see you have some spare time. Install tcextract and ocr tools, get 
a beer, or cafe, and try this commands:

cat /mnt/cdrom/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_?.VOB | tcextract -x ps1 -t vob -a 0x20 > 

subtitle2pgm -i movie.ps1 -o movie

pgm2txt -d movie

srttool -s -i movie.srtx -o movie.srt

mplayer movie.avi -sub movie.srt -dumpmicrodvdsub

It's about two hours work, good luck!

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