[MPlayer-users] Problems with certain filetypes

Ben Nemec cybertron at flashmail.com
Fri Jan 16 21:50:56 CET 2004

  I'm having some trouble with using MPlayer to play certain filetypes.  
Whenever I try to play variable rate mp3's, dvd's or quicktime movies, 
MPlayer returns the wrong length in the info from the -identify switch.  This 
isn't a huge problem as it still plays these files fine, but my problem is 
that I'm using a gui that I wrote to control MPlayer, and it gets confused if 
it doesn't know the correct length of the file it's playing.  I'm not so 
worried about the var. rate mp3's because I sort of found a workaround for 
that and I can easily re-encode them anyway.  QT and DVD movies are a little 
more of a problem because I don't want to have to re-encode every video I try 
to play.  My specific problem with each is that .mov files report as having a 
length of 0, and DVD's as about half an hour to an hour shorter than they 
should be.  If anyone knows of a fix or a workaround for this I would love to 
hear it.  TIA.


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