[MPlayer-users] !!! IMPORTANT !!! Mailing list change.

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Jan 16 01:08:26 CET 2004


We had a serie of HDD crashes in past weeks (IBM IDE HDDs sucks, at
least they sucks in servers...) resulting in some filesystem
corruption, including some files of mailman.
(The mplayer-g2-dev list was completely destroyed, it's up again,
but new members should re-subscribe there.)
The mplayer-users list survived, but several people reported, that
they either stopped receiving mails, or they started to receive
them, whil they are already unsubscribed half year ago...
So something must be really broken there, to fix all this up,
we'll delete and re-create the list (archive will be saved),
so everyone will be removed from the list, and you have to
subscribe again (assuming you're still interested).

I'll mass-unsubscribe everyone in a minute. You'll receive
notification about it. Then wait a few minutes, and subscribe again.


A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer G2, the Movie Framework for all - http://www.MPlayerHQ.hu

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