[MPlayer-users] Ripping

Daniel Kenzelmann kenzelma at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Jan 15 23:45:20 CET 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 12:04, Pablo Morales wrote:

> But now, the image quality is horrible, do I have to rencode that file to
> get a better resolution?, what's the adventage of the 3
> pass enconding so?, I want to rip with good image quiality  and fit it on a
> cd.

Well, you are probably trying to encode the video with its original
resolution. (720*576) on DVD for PAL.
If you want a 1-CD rip you have to resize the image.
I give you an example from my mencoder-settings for Futurama-DVD
(I use -nosound because i use Ogg-Vorbis audio.

mencoder -nosound -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:v4mv:vpass=1:vbitrate=600:vb_strategy=1:vstrict=-1:trell:cbp:mv0:preme=2 -vf crop=704:576:8:0,scale=512:384 -sws 10 -o fut1.avi dvd://1

You notice the scale=512:384 part? ... at this size, the bitrate will be
enough to encode the video.

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