[MPlayer-users] Re: buggy audio w/ ffwmav2 under 1.0pre3 (k. m.)

Michal Seliga michal.seliga at visicom.sk
Wed Jan 14 11:51:52 CET 2004

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> Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:28:57 -0500
> From: "k. m." <booklegger at eudoramail.com>
> Subject: [MPlayer-users] buggy audio w/ ffwmav2 under 1.0pre3
> To: mplayer-users at mplayerhq.hu
> Message-ID: <NCKHFMJGDMPMHAAA at whowhere.com>
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> Hello, all. New to the list, though not new to MPlayer.
> I'm running MPlayer 1.0pre3 (latest official release, not CVS) and have
> found it can't handle files that use the audio codec ffwmav2 and an
> audio bitrate of either 32000 or 16000.
> Video plays fine, if a little jerky, but the audio comes out like
> "dbfzzzt...[2-3 seconds of silence]...bzzort...zeeplt..." and so on.
> Qualitatively, it sounds like mplayer is trying to process and play 3-4
> seconds of audio *at once*, giving up, and then trying it again with the
> next 3-4 seconds.

    Workaround is to use win32 codec, not one from lavc....
    (see mplayer -ac help for details)

    But I hope this bug will be fixed in final release ;-)
    (I would like to delete all dll's from my linux ;-)

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