[MPlayer-users] A problem relates to asf format

Yang Sun yasun at bea.com
Wed Jan 14 11:16:15 CET 2004

Sorry for the noise. Just then, I have made a mistake. Please don't mind. I send
the mail again. 

And I have received the confirmation emails for cancel my subscription. Please do
not do these kind of thing. Thanks.

Hi, everyone:

I am a niebie to this great tool. Now I have some problems when I use the mplayer
to listen to some asf file.

I have downloaded the mplayer-common (1192 KB), mplayer (1557 KB), 
mplayer-gui (1831 KB) , and default skin package (213 KB) specified on the page ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/home/rathann/mplayer.html. I think it is the most recent
stable version, isn't it?

After downloading it, I have successfully installed the four rpms. Now I can use mplayer
and gmplayer in the /usr/bin/ directory to start the mplayer application. Now I want to
listen to the internet radio. So I type the following command.
$mplayer free.asf
the free.asf contain the internet address of the radio station. And I can use it in Win2k
machine with the MP9.

But mplayer said the following error occurs.
LMLM4 Stream Format not found 

How I should do to remove this problem? 


Best Regards

Yang Sun

Intern - Engineering
BEA System Inc, Beiing R&D Center
Tel:  (010)85281188 ext. 1552
Email: yasun at bea.com

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