[MPlayer-users] BUGREPORT: lavc: mpeg4 vop not coded

陆然 hephooey at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 14 05:48:59 CET 2004


On Tuesday 13 January 2004 21:23, gabor wrote:

>i uploaded the file mpeg4-vop-not-coded.avi (1MB)  to
>it's encoded with xvid, and it works fine if i specify -vfm xvid. (i
>have xvid-1.0.0-beta3 here).
>but if i start it normally (-vfm lavc),
>1. visually: if there is some movement in the video (basically like
>scrolling the background), then it's not smooth.
>2. output: mplayer outputs a warning:
>[mpeg4 @ 0x852d050]vop not coded
>approximately 4x every second.

I have the same problem here (actually I reported it before and also uploaded 
a file with similar name;)), but seems nobody cares), recently there is a 
thread "bframe bug report" in xvid's list about this problem. And they said 
that the message is right and not a bug. But I don't know there is still 
those visually problems you mentioned exist if it's not a bug.

BTW, some of my friend tell me that sometimes the image even broken when play 
those xvid video with packed bitstream, using lavc. xvid cvs can handle those 
files with no problem of cource.

Best Regards,

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