[MPlayer-users] ASF (maybe OT)

Mihai RUSU dizzy at roedu.net
Tue Jan 13 14:29:12 CET 2004

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Hi and thanks for the answer!

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Curtis Magyar wrote:

> I think ffmpeg is exactly what you're looking for.  See:
> http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/ffserver-doc.html#SEC3
> Good luck.

(until sourceforge comes up and I can subscribe to ffmpeg users list)

Maybe I wasnt clear enough: I need to first record the files (so I can let 
people see them anytime they want after that) then serve them with a 
normal http. ffmpeg does it fine but only to the video part... if I encode 
a ASF file using mspeg4 codec and mp2 or mp3 audio codecs , WMP will 
complain that it cannot find the required codec and will continue to play 
the video stream but with no sound :( Also if my memory serves well some 
time back when I used ffmpeg for live streaming also when serving ASF 
streams there was the same problem, no sound at clients.

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