[MPlayer-users] Play errorneus avis or mpegs

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Mon Jan 12 14:59:53 CET 2004

> I was not able to skip over this position - nether in the gui nor with 
> command-line args.

How did you try skipping?  For me, running the command line version, if I 
reach the point a little before it breaks and press the up arrow to skip 
forward by quite a large amount it has always worked for me.  I can then use 
the left arrow to skip back a little to watch as much as I can.

> Is there any possibility to do so or to make mplayer some kind of 
> error-tolerant (e.g. skipping some frames and then trying again to playback)

The problem is most likely because the frame headers are corrupted, so mplayer 
couldn't skip the frames since it doesn't know where they are.  It could also 
be because a bad value somewhere in the corrupted region causes mplayer to 
partially crash, get stuck in an infinite loop, etc, etc.  The only way you 
really fix it permanently would be to diagnose the problem yourself, provide 
gdb backtraces, etc, etc. so that the developers know exactly what's causing 
the problem.


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