[MPlayer-users] New to Mplayer

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Mon Jan 12 14:54:03 CET 2004

> I suggest you check out ftp.falsehope.com then.... you get an error message
> saying that the site is suffering from low bandwidth and packet loss
> problems.....

When you report problems like this, you need to be *really* specific - the 
exact version/file you were trying to download and if possible the actual URL 
and the error messages you received.  When you simply say "I can't download 
the RPMs" like in your original message, it narrows the problem down to about 
a hundred different sites, which as you can imagine isn't really worth 
bothering with - hence the annoyance when you pointed out a problem but 
neglected to tell us where it was, accurately enough so that we could do 
something about it ;-)

> I'm downloading xine now, so I wont worry about it.

You will eventually - once you've tried xine you'll be back ;-)  (seriously 
though, xine is great ;-))

> PS, sorry for the unforgivable breach of protocol by starting a new thread
> by replying to a previous one (even if I did delete all the text first).

Just so you know, that's not the reason - when you reply to an existing 
message, in modern mail programs your reply appears indented below the 
original message, just like replies do in newgroups.  It's very annoying for 
people who are reading replies when suddenly a whole new subject is started 
right in the middle of another conversation.  Just like writing in capitals 
is considered shouting, replying in this fashion is akin to butting into 
someone else's conversation, which is quite rude (hence the nice polite reply 
you received ;-))  I realise it was unintentional, but you might want to keep 
this in mind so that you're not met with as much hostility on other mailing 
lists next time!

> I've been on groups like this before.... I wont be hanging about on this
> one. Cheers

Don't take it so hard, it's nothing personal.  It's just that this mailing 
list is very high volume, and the regulars here get tired of saying the same 
thing over and over again.  Besides, you can't have been on that many groups 
like this before, otherwise you would've been told-off already by someone 
else ;-)


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