[MPlayer-users] mplayer plays backwards - anyone else have this problem?

Georgi Georgiev chutz at gg3.net
Mon Jan 12 06:48:24 CET 2004

maillog: 11/01/2004-14:49:14(-0800): Jason types
> My problem is that when I play a video using gmplayer of any kind, with 
> any skin in either gnome or KDE, it will eventually start playing 
> backwards rapidly (as if you were holding down the back arrow on the 
> keyboard) and the only way to have it start playing forwards again is 
> to tap the back arrow on the keyboard once.  Then it will play, but all 
> further keyboard input will be ignored.  I've tried using multiple 
> keyboards in case that was the problem and it doesn't seem to make a 
> difference.

I had a similar problem. Turned out to be my joystick.

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