[MPlayer-users] Xvideo problem with nvidia

jan goplay at quick.cz
Sun Jan 11 22:09:52 CET 2004

Hi there!

I have STB Velocity 4400 (Riva TNT) card and my linux box with nvidia
driver 31.23. 

My problem is as follows:

When playing AVI files using mplayer and Xvideo hardware accelerated YUV
scaling my computer randomly hangs up or shut down X server with message
(sometimes) "Could not free overlay memory". I tried using other video
output devices like Xvidix, DGA, Cvidix ... without any hang up or X
shutdown. However Xvideo is fastest one and therefore prefered one.

Any idea what's wrong ???
Is there vo device which is similar in performance to Xvideo ???



p.s. im using 31.23 because 4x.xx series have slow 2d performance with
my card ...

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