[MPlayer-users] [Fwd: Compile mga_vid with kernel 2.6.0 (?)]

Georgi Georgiev chutz-dated-1074984656.1f4a24d69a45 at gg3.net
Sun Jan 11 09:56:10 CET 2004

maillog: 11/01/2004-03:15:43(-0500): D Richard Felker III types
> Since you seem to be successfully using a matrox card with 2.6, could
> you tell whether matroxfb works (with or without patching)? I've heard
> lots of really bad things about 2.6's fb and I'd like to hear a report
> from an mplayer user...

I haven't played with framebuffer at all. Since I never use it anyway, I even
removed all traces of those framebuffer-related libraries from my system
yesterday (bad timing). I could try it in school in a few days, though.

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