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Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Sat Jan 10 14:43:24 CET 2004

On 04.01.10 Robert R. Wal pressed the following keys:

> Well, I just did (almost) sth like this and it worked perfectly.
> I downloaded ``Phantasm I'' from suprnova. It was 23.976fps AVI with
> 48kHz mp3 sound. I dumped audio to wav and did the following magic:
> (change audio rate to 48000*23.976/25)
> sox -V phantasm.wav -r46034 -swc2 -t raw phantasm.raw
> (create wav changing only rate information to 48kHz)
> sox -V -r48000 -swc2 -t raw phantasm.raw -t wav pha.wav
> then I passed it through mencoder
> (change fps to pal w/o reencoding)
> mencoder -nosound -fps 25 -ovc copy -o pha.avi phantasm.avi
> (mux in changed audio as ac3 sound)
> mencoder -ovc copy -audiofile pha.wav -oac lavc -lavcopts \
>    acodec=ac3:abitrate=192 -o pha2.avi pha.avi
> Later I reencoded video to mpeg2 with mpeg2enc and there is _perfect_ a/v
> sync thoughout the movie when I play it with mplayer and my standalone
> dvdplayer.
> Robert
> PS I know that those commands are not optimised for characters typed,
> but they are exact commands from my cmdline history that produced the
> desired results ;) I don't have commandline that produced final mpeg2
> video, because it was a script that I later removed.

I've just found the rest

rm -f stream.yuv
mknod stream.yuv p

mplayer -noaspect -noframedrop \
        -sws 9 -vf pp=dr/vb/hb,scale=720:576 \
        -vo yuv4mpeg phantasm.avi </dev/null >&2 &

cat stream.yuv |\
   mpeg2enc -v 0 \
   -f 8 -n p -F 3 -a 3 \
   -K kvcd -I 0 -q 6 -G 25 -g 12 -b 3500 \
   -4 2 -2 1 -o phantasm.m2v

(It gave me about 1600kbps video stream with watchable quality. But
since it is next to impossible to decide the avg bitrate other than with
trials and errors, I started to use 2pass mencoder/ffmpeg for mpeg2

Then just mux ac3 audio with m2v video with the help of mplex

mplex -f 8 -o phantasm.mpg -V -h phantasm.ac3 phantasm.m2v

For some reason ac3 file has to be first, otherwise I can't -dumpaudio
with mplayer from such mpeg.

Burn it after creating vob structure with dvdauthor.

dvdauthor -o PHA -t -v pal+16:9 -a ac3+2ch+en  phantasm1.mpg
dvdauthor -o PHA -T

mkisofs -dvd-video -o pha.iso PHA

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