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Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Sat Jan 10 14:23:46 CET 2004

On 04.01.09 Martin Emrich pressed the following keys:

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> Hi!
> Am Mi, den 07.01.2004 schrieb Martin Emrich um 00:51:
> > On Tue, 6 Jan 2004 14:33:26 -0500
> > "D Richard Felker III" <dalias at aerifal.cx> wrote:
> > Done. Hacked the AVI to 25fps. Sox will hopefully take care of the audio.
> I made the audio (25/23.976) times faster (this went correct, as
> (audiolength_before/audiolength_after) == (25/23.976)) and muxed the
> audio file back into the hacked avi with "-oac copy -ovc copy -audiofile
> audio-25.wav". But all I get is terrible audio desync. That much for a
> One other thing I tried it to use -fps 29.97 -ofps 29.97 -vf telecine to
> make an NTSC SVCD (my standalone player can handle NTSC, too). But this
> gives horrible quality after recoding with vcodec=mpeg2video. Any other
> hints ? How do you out there convert a FILM video source to DVD or SVCD?

Well, I just did (almost) sth like this and it worked perfectly.

I downloaded ``Phantasm I'' from suprnova. It was 23.976fps AVI with
48kHz mp3 sound. I dumped audio to wav and did the following magic:

(change audio rate to 48000*23.976/25)
sox -V phantasm.wav -r46034 -swc2 -t raw phantasm.raw

(create wav changing only rate information to 48kHz)
sox -V -r48000 -swc2 -t raw phantasm.raw -t wav pha.wav

then I passed it through mencoder

(change fps to pal w/o reencoding)
mencoder -nosound -fps 25 -ovc copy -o pha.avi phantasm.avi

(mux in changed audio as ac3 sound)
mencoder -ovc copy -audiofile pha.wav -oac lavc -lavcopts \
   acodec=ac3:abitrate=192 -o pha2.avi pha.avi

Later I reencoded video to mpeg2 with mpeg2enc and there is _perfect_ a/v
sync thoughout the movie when I play it with mplayer and my standalone


PS I know that those commands are not optimised for characters typed,
but they are exact commands from my cmdline history that produced the
desired results ;) I don't have commandline that produced final mpeg2
video, because it was a script that I later removed.

PPS I used mplayer to scale, postprocess and dump video to yuv4mpeg
stream and recoded it with mpeg2enc. But lately I started to use
mencoder/ffmpeg for this since it is faster and gives me better results.
And despite the rate control being fucked up in ffmpeg (i.e. peak rate
is always around 11Mbps no matter what maxrate I set) my dvdplayer
plays it just fine.

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