[MPlayer-users] Unable to view tv: ioctl query fails with v4l2 driver

ope ope557 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 23:03:55 CET 2004

--- CrimeDog <crimedog at wp.pl> wrote:
> I have Prolink Play TV Pro and I has the same
> proble. You must recompile
> your mplayer with:
> ./configure --disable-tv-v4l2 --enable-tv-v4l
> Mayby your bttv is not 2nd version or you have only
> version 1. Mplayers
> ./configure misunderstends a bttv version on Debian
> Sid (in Woody works
> with the same 2.4.18 kernel... strange).

So, in other words, don't use the v4l2 driver?  

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