[MPlayer-users] Best inverse telecine filter

ephemeron at softhome.net ephemeron at softhome.net
Thu Jan 8 01:39:12 CET 2004

At least four different inverse telecine are listed in the
mencoder man page: detc, ivtc, pullup and filmdint.  Which is the
best?  I've ruled out detc (inferior to ivtc) and pullup
(experimental).  So it's a tossup between -vf softpulldown,ivtc
and -vf filmdint.

My limited tests tell me that filmdint is much faster than ivtc
but tends to produce video that "stutters" when the original is
primarily hard telecined.  (The encoded video isn't just jerky.
Some frames are encoded, it seems, in the wrong order, in a 1, 3,
2 sequence.)

My important options for filmdint are "-vc mpeg12 -fps 29.970
-ofps 23.976 -vf filmdint=crop=W:H:X:Y" (I don't quite understand
what the *thres=n options do) and for ivtc "-vc mpeg12 -ofps
23.976 -vf softpulldown,ivtc=1".  I'm looking for the best
inverse telecine filter to stick into a script that will handle a
variety of materials that are predominantly either soft or hard
telecined or are mixed hard and soft telecined.  Right now I have
to randomly examine parts of each video frame by frame (-fps 1
-ss X:XX) to determine which filter to apply.

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