[MPlayer-users] how to enhance video performance

Karl Ewald karl.ewald at ixos.de
Thu Jan 8 11:42:11 CET 2004

Weijia Tao wrote:
>when i run two instances of mplayer running different
>or same avi files the output becomes quite slow and
>the cpu and memory usage is not high.
>is there any configuration i can set within mplayer to
>enhance the video output?

If you are accessing different places on the same harddisk (different
positions in the same file or different files), throughput is much reduced
because the harddisk has to seek between different positions instead of
reading sequentially. You may find that -cache 2048 or some such value for
both mplayer processes improves things a lot, because it buffers delays in
harddisk access and probably also fetches larger chunks at a time, reducing
the number of seek operations.

Hope this helps,


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