[MPlayer-users] Encoding 5.1 to stereo with framecopy

charles.francoise at epfl.ch charles.francoise at epfl.ch
Wed Jan 7 19:40:18 CET 2004

> So, if the DVD has a 5.1 audio track at 448kBit and you tell mencoder
> to copy it, then he copies it and you end up with a 5.1 audio track at
> 448kBit as a result. I don't think it's that hard to spot. The 192
> kbit you mention is probably from DVDs with stereo MP2 audio, which is
> often encoded at 192.

Of course, but that doesn't really answer my question. I'm trying to get my 6
channels down to 2. So that the samplerate can get back to 192. I might not be
able to use -oac copy but I can't manage to get the sound quality I want (And,
yes, I want pristine sound. Ogg Vorbis is great but pure sound copy is better).

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