[MPlayer-users] mencoder cropping does not work?

Martin Emrich martin at emmerator.dyndns.org
Tue Jan 6 19:12:28 CET 2004


Am Di, den 06.01.2004 schrieb horst.schlonz at gmx.de um 17:53:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> hi,
> i ripped an mpeg-file off an svcd with vcdxrip and it has very big black bars. 
> i want to reencode this file with the black bars cut off.

> ok, now for the part where i believe my failure lies:
> $ mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -vf crop=480:262:0:108 -o out.mpg avseq01.mpg

> so, i thought my mencoder-command should reencode the file with the black bars 
> cut off. but they are still there when i play the file with mplayer. 

If you use "-ovc copy", the input video stream is recoded but copied 1:1
to the output file, so the crop filter has no chance of changing the
video. To use filters, use a "normal" codec, e.g. "-ovc lavc". But be
aware that recoding a video reduces quality. Unless you also want to
make the file significantly smaller, better leave it in the original
> mencoder seems to change the container-format from mpeg to avi. where am i 
> wrong?

To get an MPEG1 container, use "-of mpeg". But as you ripped it from an
SVCD, it's certainly an MPEG2 stream, so the output of this won't be
very compatible with other players.



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