R: Re: [MPlayer-users] Karaoke and MIDI in Mplayer...

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Tue Jan 6 04:24:46 CET 2004

> Geexbox Is a minidistribution on a cd that runs only mplayer for playing 
> video and audio files.

Oh ok, that makes more sense.

> The only thing we (me and many other geexbox users) need is midi and
> karaoke support in mplayer.

Is there any reason why you have to have MIDI files mixed in with other format 
files?  If you only want to play a bunch of MIDIs you can use Timidity by 
itself - "timidity *.mid"  However since Timidity is probably not installed, 
it would be a much cleaner solution to include XMMS + plugins with Geexbox (I 
can't imagine running Linux without XMMS!!!)


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